Advent, A Fresh Start

Advent – A Fresh Start – Now! For a follower of Christ Jesus a fresh start is only a moment away. And yet we easily forget this truth. God can remove any need we might have to drag along our past. That past is no longer our identity – we have upgraded. We have a new identity, a new calling, a new purpose. New. That is a power-filled word. The very sound of it implies something better. It is a word that gives hope. It is a word that implies forgiveness.   And it is a word that the people of God have used for centuries to restart the cycle of looking for God and living with Him. Before all the busyness of Christmas arrives, we are called to look for Jesus. For two thousand years people have been peering into the darkness in the hope of seeing the light. That light has come. And we return afresh each year to make more room for His light in us – the time of anticipation of His coming.

Now is that time. Start anew as you look into the darkness of your life, but now start with the hope of the coming of Christ Jesus. Start anew waiting for the Lord to appear in your situations and circumstances. Start anew with fresh hope. Let depression and darkness fall away from your soul, and begin to hope again. Find refreshing in love and assurance in the coming of the Lord. It’s time for a fresh start. That is the season we are in.

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