The Season of Easter

Easter is more than a day. It involves a day. And if all you can do is celebrate that day, that’s OK. But like Christmas, Easter is a whole season of 50 days.

This year (2018) Easter runs from April 1 through May 27. A traditional celebration of this season would follow the plan below. Many churches and families change this order up, and most likely we will too at Peoria Christian Fellowship. But this plan allows you to see some of the options in celebrating Easter.

April 1 Easter – Resurrection, New Life

April 8 – The Church

April 15 – Worship

April 22 – Good Shepherd

April 29 – Ministry to others

May 06 – The Holy Spirit

May 10 – The Ascension of Jesus

May 13 – Prayer of Jesus

May 20 – Day of Pentecost

May 27 – Trinity Sunday


These 50 days are all centered on Jesus and the culture of new life He introduces to the world. No longer are we in a culture of death. No longer do we live in fear. We have been raised up with Christ Jesus and the life we now live we live in God, for God, and with God.

During this time, we want to take the fact of Jesus death and resurrection and add to that our faith. When we do that (fact + faith) we have an equation for Easter Spirituality. A way of living with God now that brings hope to the world, light to the lost, hope to the hopeless.

The cycle of life, of church life, celebrates Easter. And we are prepared to take this celebration and lessons and live our way forward. The next season is ordinary time. It is the time we focus on how we live. But for now, we are still focused on Jesus, the Trinity and how he lived. We are in the season of Easter and want to experience the cross and the resurrection. Death and life are a part of all our lives. But Jesus teaches us a new way to live in Him, by Him and with Him.

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